Gentle, therapeutic yoga. Suitable for everyone.

The experience of doing yoga should be blissful,

It should not be hard work and certainly not pain-inducing.

Yoga frees your mind and body.  Pain and pressure are not freeing!  Personally I avoid all classes which ask students to go beyond their comfort zone. 

I do yoga as a kind of day to day survival tool.  I am sensitive and I am human.  I can get tired, overwhelmed or anxious, and I have learned that I cope so differently with life’s difficulties when I do a little gentle yoga. 

The yoga I teach is the yoga I do.  It is always tailored to the needs of the student and the moment. It strips away the day’s stresses and brings wisdom to ongoing challenges.  It really is accessible to all.  



Fridays 9.15am – 11am at Station Yard Studios, Ashburton.  6 week course begins Sep 6th 2019.

These are small, friendly classes which last 90 minutes and include lots of interesting chat alongside easy, rejuvenating yoga, self-healing practices and mind-nourishing meditations.  I have been doing these classes for 20 years and I cannot stress enough how beneficial and life enhancing they are.  Classes are suitable for all…. You do not need a flexible or slim body . you just need a willing mind.  Please be in touch for further information.


At a time to suit you, various locations available. 1 hour or 90 minutes

These nurturing sessions will help you to  yourself and your body.  We will find the yoga which you love, which you can readily do and which most helps you.

‘Jo is an exceptional yoga teacher. Her teaching is intelligent, imaginative and with a lightness of touch. One session with Jo, combined with the homework practices she gave me,  cured my backache.’  Professor R Gildea, Oxford, 2019.


Jo and StudentYoga with Robert