Soul Insight 

Understand –  Release 

Jo is, truly, in my experience, the best and most gifted teacher/guide in this work.

Cindy L, Isle of Wight, Feb 2019.

Insight is your guided visualisation to access your inner wisdom and address your needs.

I guide you throughout, but you are in charge. 

Insight will highlight any issue which is causing you stress or unhappiness.  Once revealed, it is usually easy to shift or change.  I guide and assist as required.   You are completely conscious and completely in control.

As well as freeing you, Insight is fascinating.  You see within your own unconscious mind, uncovering a hidden but all-powerful realm. 

A typicial session goes like this – we have a good chat and you offload all that is on your mind. Then I help you to relax mind and body.  Then you sit comfortably with eyes closed and I begin to guide you, a bit like telling you a story… You can talk to me, ask questions, at any time and I am always there with you.  Your inner story will progress as needed until you feel released and healed.  Then you open your eyes for another quick chat before we move to your healing, which settles and rejuvenates you.

This practice connects you, as required, to your soul voice (we could also call it your super-conscious mind), your hidden childhood memories,  your karma and past lives, and your potential future.  


I had a Skype Insight session on Friday, and we’d sold our house by the Monday!

I was really frustrated because we just couldn’t sell it and Jo suggested there might be something we could unblock… During the meditation I saw a blockage and with Jo’s help I realised I could just move through it… And then on Monday we got the offer.

Gwyn C, Somerset. June 2018.

Insight therapy artwork

Available 1-2-1 on in small groups (of 4-8 people)

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Being truly listened to is so simple and yet so incredibly helpful.  The answers really are within you, but it is hard to access them alone.  You need to be fully heard by someone – perhaps with the right questions also asked – and then you will be able to fully hear your own answers.

Available 1-2-1 only

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