Healing through the Christos

Healing mends. It is an in-pouring of love and peace which soothes both emotional and physical pain. 

All healers are simply channels, it is not our personal energy we are healing with.  I, and others like me,  are gifted with an ability to allow healing light to pour through us to the client. 

I have a diploma in Healing through the Christos.   However this training  just supports me to deliver healing to you with purity and integrity, and to maximally support  you to receive it fully.  The healing itself, at least in my belief, is a God-given gift, and one which many of us have. 

I offer healing through the Christos because to me it is the ultimate form of healing.  The Christos is the love aspect of God.  It is the healing power that Christ used, though clearly none of us has quite his level of understanding and potency, as we are merely human. 

The Christos is a feeling of love and peace so profound and all encompassing that as humans we can barely describe or really know it. However, it is profoundly healing to receive.  You will feel it as a great sense of peace and comfort coming over you. 

The process is very straightforward.  You sit or lie down, fully clothed, warm and comfortable.  The healing is sent through the palms of my hands towards the crown of your head – there is no touch. Your own higher self (soul intelligence) will use the energy as you most need.  Your mind and emotions, as well as your physical body and energy field, are suffused in love, peace and a profound non-intellectual wisdom. 

During the healing, and as part of it, I receive and pass on to you visual images, and messages from your soul intelligence. Often I am talking you through a gentle inner journey as the healing enters.  This is given  to me  uniquely for you, to support your healing and highest growth at that time. You may listen to it and enjoy it all, or often people fall asleep, in which case your subconscious listening receives the journey for you.  

Healing is so important for us in the 21st century that I rarely complete an individual session without giving healing to the client.  I know from personal experience that it is possible to feel quite raw after having counselling, for example, or doing yoga which has released grief.  Healing soothes and heals all this.  Thus, no matter what we have been addressing and shifting in your session, you will leave feeling grounded and with an elemental sense of contentment.  

Fay and Stanley hugs

Available 1-2-1 only. 

As a stand alone therapy (30 minutes) or as a closure to any other therapy.

Available in as a home or on-site visit.

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