To be properly heard is a healing experience. 

It is healing simply to be heard and understood.  When you feel stressed, overloaded and full of thoughts, it is a great relief to be able to offload it, isn’t it?  But with the best will in the world, friends and family have their own agendas and typically cannot just listen with an open heart to what you need to say.

In having the space and time for yourself, to  just talk it all out, you will find your own way back to your own truth about it all.  The point of counselling is release – that is, release of everything which is blocking you from being peaceful and content.

In our essence, we are happy beings, filled with the same light and joy that we see in babies and young children.

The problem is, as we grow up,  so many problems and preoccupations get in the way.  We find ways to cope which may or may not serve us in the long term.   Our true self gets drowned out by worry and fear.

Re discovering your true self is the key to your happiness, contentment and good health.

Your Intelligent Soul time begins with plenty of space for you to offload and be listened to.  I might ask questions, to be sure I fully understand how it is for you. As and when we are ready I will gently move the session on to some healing, or possibly some Insight work or yoga, depending on what will most help you.  The counselling and release may last a few sessions if need be, and it is an important clearing out for the transformational work to come.


Available 1-2-1 face to face or on Skype