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You and Your Own Wise Soul


TO BE at one with  your soul and your soul purpose brings sustained health and happiness.

Putting you in touch with this is what I do.

My name is Josephine, an experienced and empathetic Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Counsellor and Healer. Click ‘What I do’, above, to know more.

Intelligent Soulwork is three powerful therapies rolled into one magical mix.  It is tailored to suit your own personality and circumstances and will utilise  –

Personalised Yoga Instruction

Counselling with Insight -(See Insight Page for more information)

Christos healing – considered to be the most powerful healing available

Bespoke sessions (£45 – £60 per hour) and group workshops are available in Exeter, South Somerset and Ashburton, I will also come to your home or workplace.

Chakra Yoga Plus – uplifting and fun classes on – Friday mornings from Sep 6th 2019 at

Station Yard Studios, Ashburton,


‘Intelligent Soul with Jo is a helpful and brilliant experience. Jo works collaboratively and introduces exceptional insight, guidance and support.  I have complete confidence in recommending Jo.’  A.Biggs. Family Therapist. July 2019.

Chronic Fatigue

As someone who myself has to manage Chronic Fatigue, I can offer support borne of a personal experience of what works, and what doesn’t make that much difference.  Your sessions may also include a gentle investigation some of the deep causes of  your fatigue, though this is optional.  Over time and with regular Christos healing you will regain your full self.  You will find your joy and energy again. Please contact me to discuss your situation.

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Stress is a system overload. It can affect the strongest of us.  Often the stronger you are the more you carry.  I have personally experienced worklife stress during full time ‘office’ type work and used my yoga and spiritual training to release the stress and support myself to stay out of it.  I offer stress-relief programmes using yoga, Insight and meditation.  Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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In my mid life years I suddenly started to suffer from anxiety.  I used yoga techniques and soul wisdom to find the causes of my anxiety, Insight to release them and yoga to permanently keep anxiety away.  I offer you compassionate support and experienced instruction to do the same for you.  Please contact me to discuss your situation.

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